Dec. 8, 1289

Edict of Expulsion by Charles II [France]: “Since it is our responsibility to purge the territories subjected to us of evil men we…have consulted about these matters with the reverend father the bishop and with many clerics…Indeed it pleases our majesty, we believe with the assent of God, that we should provide for our aforesaid counties and for those living within the confines of those counties by an expulsion of the aforesaid Jews and of their descendants. Although we enjoy much temporal profit from the aforesaid Jews, we prefer to provide for the peace of our subjects rather than to fill our coffers with the mammon of iniquity…we have, for the honor of God and the peace of the aforesaid areas, expelled and ordered expelled from our aforesaid counties of Anjou and Maine all Jews, male and female, adults and young people, children and infants, of whatever sex or condition they might have been born and raised. We have expelled them from all areas of these counties not only for the present but for all times, both for our time as well as that of our successors upon whom the said counties may happen to devolve.”
“Church, State, and Jew in the Middle Ages.” Robert Chazan. 1980, Page 315. Online book, Accessed online 10/17/2011