ca. 1295

“Privilege of June 18, 1295” Issued by King Rudolph of Habsburg [Present-day Germany] [Unconfirmed]

Commentary from other sources:
1) “10 Jews become victims of the people of Mainz on Easter Sunday on April 19, 1283 after being accused of the ritual killing of a Christian boy. Archbishop Heinrich II of Mainz begins legal proceedings and reports to his benefactor Kind Rudolf of Habsburg.  The latter turns on September 21, 1286 to the people of Mainz and other cities along the Rhine and demands that they support the Bishop in his pursuit and prosecution of the local Jews (because they allegedly kept a Christian family hostage and were charged with murder).  Part of the Jews escape across the sea. That is why the King writes to the Council on December 6, 1286 and the people of Mainz to let them know that he has commissioned Archbishop Heinrich and Duke Eberhard von Katzenelnbogen to size and collect the properties of all escaped Jews from Worms, Speyer, Oppenheim and Wetterau and to administer over them. On the same date, Rudolph also warns the remaining Jews to assist Heinrich and Eberhard during their pursuit to track down the properties and assets of the escaped Jews. The city of Mainz took this as an opportunity for self-enrichment.  Any property or assets it discovered that belong to an escaped Jew was either partially or completely confiscated.”
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