Jun. 18, 1295

“Ordinance” of Archbishop of Gerhard of Mainz [Present-day Germany; Free Imperial City of Mainz]: Gerhard, Archbishop by the grace of God […] and Arch-Chancellor of Germany […] declares […] that because of the merits of the warden of the princely reservoir-chamber and treasury Eberhard, and the churchwarden Henry, and the judges, councilmen, and citizens of Mainz, the goods and properties that these now own or will gain in the future in the jurisdiction of Mainz, are exempt from any tax or levy except for the customary interests. […] All Jews of Mainz (individuals, heirs, and their successors), however, may be taxed as desired […] while the Archbishopric (Erzstift) shall require no more than 112 Mark of Aachener Pennies annually on St. Martin’s Day from the Jews. […]* [Researcher’s note: This Ordinance was confirmed by King Albrecht I on May 19, 1301. *Also, this passage from old German text has been paraphrased in an effort to make the translation of the long Act brief and comprehensible.]
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