May 28, 1300

“Official Agreement” of Bishop Ludolf of Minden and Count Johann von Wunstorf [Present-day Germany; Bishopric of Minden]: “We, Ludolfus and bishop of the church of Minden, and Johannes […] von Wunstorf have – through the mediation of the noble Count Otto of Wölpe – have set aside our severe hostility over the castle and the town of Wunstorf […]. In the future, as before, we agree to co-own the castle, so long it is not destroyed – and the city and the mill near the ditch, the fishery, the coin/money, the toll-payments, the Jews, and the jurisdiction and rights over them all and to divide all revenues gained from them equally between us. […]”
Münster, LA, Fürstentum and Domkapitel Minden, Urkunden, Nr. 68, Orig., lat., Perg. (“Münster, LA, [Land-Archive], Principality and Cathedral Chapter Minden, [Official] Documents, No. 68, Orig[inal], Latin, [on] Parchment Paper”); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 7/14/2017