Jun. 8, 1306

“Diocesan Synod of Verden” held under Bishop Friedrich von Boitzenburg of Verden [Present-day Germany; Prince-Bishopric of Verden]: “[…] we have decide that all Jews living/lingering in our capital, villages, towns and communities and such places are to be stopped and asked (bound) to pay a tenth [of their wealth] to our Diocese per year by the assessment of a competent parish priest […].  In case of incompliance, they are immediately to be forced to do so with a threat of ecclesiastical punishment. […].”
Medieval Ashkenaz: Corpus der Quellen zur Geschichte der Juden im Spätmittlealterlichen Reich; Synoden und Konzilien 1, Nr. 7a (Corpus of the Sources on the History of Jews in the Late Middles Ages; Synods and Councils 1, No. 7a). Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 2/19/2017 ADD PAGE #