Nov. 24, 1315

“Order” of King Louis IV (Ludwig, the Bavarian) [Swabian Imperial Cities of Esslingen; Present-day Germany]: “[We, …] exonerate/free the council and citizens of Esslingen as well as all those who have vouched for them […] from all of their obligations to the Jews* [… and] prohibit [the recipients of this documents] to fulfill their obligations to the Jews […] or to do anything that could harm the citizens of Esslingen […]. Anyone who ignores/dismisses this commandment/order loses the royal grace and forfeits his body and goods […]” [Researcher’s note: Louis/Ludwig justifies this order by alleging that the Jews–who rightfully belong to his chamber–obeyed his enemy, Duke of Austria, instead of him.]
Stuttgart, HStA, H 51, U 249, Orig., dt. Perg. (“Main State Archiv of Stuttgart, H 51, U 249, Orig[inal], German, [on] parchment paper”); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 3/4/2018