Mar. 30, 1318

“City Law of Strasbourg” issued by the Magistrate of the City [Present-day France; Free Imperial City of Strasbourg]: “1) If a Jew demands money from a letter of debt [he owns] that is more than ten years old, and if the alleged debtor swears by the Holy Saints that he owes nothing to the Jew, these letters are to be deemed invalid and returned to the debtors. 2) A Jew or his heir, who present letters of debt to the heirs of Christian survivors and testators, must prove that the debts have not existed for more than ten years. The heirs can deny this by swearing to the Holy Saints, whereupon the Jews must return the letters of debt to them. […].”
UB Straßburg 4, 2, S. 40 f. (Abschnitt 68). “University Library of Strasbourg 4, 2, p. 40 f. (Segment 68)”); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 3/8/2017