Sept. 4, 1320

Papal bull “Dudum Felicis Recordationis,” from John XXII to the Archbishop of Bourges and His Suffragans [Present-day France]: “You shall make the Jews who live in the said [French] provinces and dioceses assign to you whole the said law, or book, which they call Talmutz, and all their other books with their additions and commentaries, compelling them to do this by whatever canonical punishments may seem to you expedient. After having subjected the Talmutz and books to careful examination […], you shall burn by fire those of the books which you shall find contain the said blasphemies, errors, falsehoods and curses, calling in the secular arm, if necessary, for this purpose.”
Grayzel, Solomon. The Church and the Jews in the XIIIth Century, Volume II (1254-1315). The Jewish Theological Seminary of America: New York, 1989. Page 316. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 11/17/2019