ca. 1328 C.E.

[Possible/Probable] “Jewish Oath” as issued in the “Privilege” of Duke Bolkos II [Duchy of Silesia/House of Wettin; Present-day Germany] [Provisional]: “[…During the oath] the Jew must wear grey trousers and a grey skirt […] but no shirt […] on his head he must wear a pointed hat.  […] He is to stand barefoot on a animal skin which must be wetted with lamb-blood […] The Jew is to swear […] on the Book of Moses [… and say/repeat] ‘of which I’m accused, I’m innocent, so God help me […]’” [Researcher’s note: This “special” ritual was required for all disputes valued at over 50 Mark; disputes involving less than 50 Mark required of Jews a ‘shorter and simpler’ oath.]
Lämmerhirt, Maike: Juden in den wettinischen Herschaftsgebieten: Recht, Verwaltung und Wirtschaft im Spätmittelalter. Veröffentlichungen der Historischen Kommission für Thüringen; Kleine Reihe Band 21; (Wien/Köln; 2007); (“Jews in the Wettinian Territories/Dominions: Law, Administration, and Economy in the late Middle Ages. Publications of the Historical Commission for Thuringia; Small Series Volume 21; (Vienna/Cologne; 2007)”); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 2/17/2018