Nov. 11, 1329

“Special Taxation of Jews” issued by Dutchess Anges of Braunschweig/Brunswick [Present-day Germany; Hanseatic League Braunschweig/Brunswick]: “[…] to all of Our Jews in [the town of] Stendal, we – Lady of the Altmark (Antique Marchie Domina) – require that they (Jews) contribute 20 Mark (viginiti marcas) to Us for the next six years on St. Martin’s Day in the form of the Brandenburger silver currency.  […] Those Jews who hold special letters or privileges with Us will continue to fulfill their previous obligations, and will then contribute to the obligations of the community so far as it is possible.”
Stendal, StadtA (City Archive), I. 60 (62), Original in Latin, Parchment; Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 2/26/2017