Aug. 20, 1331

“Order” issued by Emperor Louis IV (Ludwig der Bayer/Louis the Bavarian) [Present-day Germany; Holy Roman Empire]: “[…] We give/leave our beloved brothers Dukes Louis and Fredrick of Oettingen (“Ludowigen und Friderichen von Ottingen), as a ‘thank you’ for their faithful service 700 Silver Mark [in the form of] taxes on the land purchased by them in the Landgraviate of Alsace.  This sum is to be raised/procured through the annual taxation of the Jews of the kingdom (Reiches) to Strasbourg in the amount of at least 60 Silver mark per year.  If the Jews pay more, the debt of 700 Mark is reduced accordingly. […]” [Researcher’s note: This document is issued and signed in Nuremberg with the seal of the Emperor.]
MGH [Monumenta Germaniae Historia] Const.[itutiones] 6, 2, Nr. 146, S. 90 (aus A).  (Monuments of German History-Constitutions 6, 2, No. 146, p. 90 (from A).); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 3/20/2017