Aug. 20, 1334

“Order” of Emperor Louis IV (Kaiser Ludwig der Bayer) [Territorial Estate of the Holy Roman Empire; Present-day France]: “[…] We, Louis (Ludwig), by the grace of God the Roman Emperor/Kaiser […] are letting the tax-collector (Schultheißen), the mayor (Bürgermeister), and the City Council (Rat) know, that we have ordered Our deputy bailiff (Underlandvogt) […] to collect all taxes and receivables that the Jews owe (Us) throughout the year for Our sake and the sake of the kingdom (Reichs). He (the bailiff Johann von Rappoltstein) has the authority […] to negotiate with the Jews and to come to an agreement with them. We ask the citizens of Colmar to assist the bailiff in this task in order to come to an agreement with the Jews. […]”
Regesten Kaiser Ludwigs des Bayern, 4, Nr. 107, S. 63; Additamenta quaedam, Nr. 7, S. 98. (Regesta [of] Emperor Louis IV of Bavaria, 4, No. 107, p. 63; Some Additions, No. 7, p. 98); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 3/16/2017