Jan. 5, 1335

“Slaughter Regulations” issued by Margrave Ludwig (the Elder) [Present-day Germany; Margraviate Brandenburg]: “We wish to order that the Jews in the town of Prizwalk obey the same regulations for the purpose of slaughtering [animals] as the town of Seehausen.  […] The Jews are not to slaughter and sell meat in such a way that they outmaneuver the Christians butchers similar to Seehausen and elsewhere. […]”
Quellen zur Geschichte der Juden in den Archiven der neuen Bundesländer 5, Nr. 4217, S. 329. (“Sources Regarding the History of the Jews in the Archives of the New Federal States 5, No. 4217, p. 329”); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 2/26/2017