Apr. 22, 1335

“Establishment of a Guild for Butchers and Regulations” issued by the Councilmen of the City of Stendal [Present-day Germany; Margraviate of Brandenburg]: “[…] we establish a guild for our beloved citizens and butchers […]. No Jew is permitted to slaughter [an animal] unless he first obtains a license from us, and those who violate this order, shall be sentences according to the laws of the city […]. The flesh (the cattle to be dissembled) Jews are to purchase from Christian butchers. In case of a contravention, the Christian butchers are authorized to give the meat away to the sick at the Holy Spirit Hospital to the detriment/disadvantage of the Jews. Also, Jews are not to slaughter [an animal] in their homes, except when they have raised the calf in their homes; that [animal] they are allowed to slaughter at/near the bridge. Violators [of this ordinance] are to be sentenced to a fine of 21 Shillings of which two-thirds will be paid to the Council and one-third to the Christian butchers. […]”
Stendal, StadtA (City Archive), I. 061, Orig. Latin; Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 2/27/2017