Mar. 13, 1338

“Order” of Emperor Louis IV (Kaiser Ludwig der Bayer) [Territorial Estate of the Holy Roman Empire; Present-day France]: “We, Ludowig, Roman Emperor by the grace of God, […] turn over the Jews, their property, their claims on any debts and the pledges they hold in the city, to the Head of the community (Schultheißen), the City Council and the citizens of Colmar until the Day of [Saint] George (April 23) 1340, for two whole years, for the goods the aforementioned Jews have […] assured to Us […]. We also want Our aforementioned citizens who collect the goods/demands from these same Jews, to turn them over and give to Us and not err/make any mistakes in this regard [in any way]. And in order that they give us an official report, we seal this letter/document with an imperial insignia which has been issued in Colmar, […].”
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