Mar. 15, 1338

“Order” of Emperor Louis IV (Kaiser Ludwig der Bayer) [Territorial Estate of the Holy Roman Empire; Present-day France]: “We, Ludowig, Roman Emperor by the grace of God, […] declare that […] the Masters (Meister), Head of community (Schultheiß), City Council (Rat) and citizens, are exempt from any present or future demands due to the damage and death Jews have suffered in the city of Mülhausen (Mulhausen) as soon as they have paid [Us] 1,000 Pounds of old Basel [Pennies]. As compensation, we allow the citizens to keep all and any goods they have found or will find, whether they may be houses, farms, pledges, or any other good that belong to the killed or fallen Jews without repercussion […]. As soon as this payment has been received, all citizens who reside in Mülhausen – whether rich or poor, aristocratic or not, shall be exempt of all demands due to the slain Jews. […] We prohibit any resident of Mülhausen […] who was present during the time the Jews found their demise, to leave the city without being taxed by the mayor, City Council or guards, […] according to what he owes, until the 1,000 Pound have been paid off. All landlords (Landvögte) and city officials are advised to assist the citizens in their request and to protect them. […]”
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