ca. 1342 C.E.

“Regulation” issued by the Councilmen of Salzwedel [Present-day Germany; Hanseatic League] [Provisional]: “[…] Jews residing in Salzwedel shall only slaughter [animals] between Walburgistag (May 1) and Martinstag/Saint Martin’s Day (November 11) which they may only do for their own use, but not for foreign Jews or for the sale at the markets. […] between Gall’s day (October 16) and St. Martin’s Day, they can slaughter [anything] and sell whatever they cannot use. [After November 11, however] no slaughtering may be done as per the guidelines of the city.  Any unlawfully slaughtered [animal] shall be confiscated and sent to the sick; Jews, who act in violation of this provision, will be persecuted in court. […]”
Salzwedel, StadtA (Salzwedel, City Archive), Rep. II, C, I, Nr/No. 6, XIII, [Innenseite des Einbands (Inside of the Cover)], Stadtbucheintrag (City-book entry), Latin. Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 2/28/2017