Jun. 22, 1346

“Concessions” of King Johan of Bohemia, Earl of Luxemburg [Present-day Germany; Electorate of Cologne]: “We, Johan, King of Bohemia and Earl of Luxemburg by the grace of God […] 7) […] transform ownership of the Jews in the city of Cologne and in the Archbishopric of Cologne (‘Erzstift’) and the nearby regions (‘Umkreis’) which the Archbishopric has on loan from the empire (‘riche/Reich’) [permanently] to the Archbishop of Cologne which he should hold and keep. […]”
MGH Const. 8, Nr. 55, S. 78-83; UB zur Geschichte des Niederrheins 3, Nr. 433, S. 348-350; (“Monuments of Germanic History Const[itutions] 8, No. 55, p. 78-83; Certificate Book on the History of the Lower-Rhine 3, No. 433, p. 348-350”); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 6/1/2017