Nov. 29, 1346

“Order” of Emperor Louis IV [Ludwig der Bayer] [Present-day Germany; Free Imperial Cities of Wetterau]: “[…] Ulrich II von Hanau, bailiff (‘Landvogt’) of Wetterau and the cities of Wetterau – Frankfurt, Friedberg, Gelnhausen, and Wetzlar – is ordered hereby to stop and require the Jews living there to pay the golden penny.  […]”
Braunfels, Fürstlich Solms-Braunfels’sches Archiv, Kopialbuch Hungener Urkunden 2, 4, Nr. 4, Abschr., dt., Papier (“Braunsfels, Princly Solms-Braunsfels Archive, Copy Book Hungener documents/certificates 2, 4, No. 4, Copy, German, Paper”); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 5/9/2017