Nov. 4, 1347

“Royal Grant” issued by Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV [Archbishopric of Mainz; Present-day Germany]: “[…We…] grant Abby John Hersfeld (‘Iohanni… abbati… Hersfeldensi’) for his devotion […] the right to have and keep Jews (‘ius habendi et retinendi iudeos’) in his city of Hersfeld in the [Arch-]Diocese of Mainz […]. He may use and keep the Jews he [chooses to] settle [there] for his own good and in the service of the Abby and the monastery as a fief [from Us] (‘in feodum’) in addition to the fiefs already granted to him. We order the master-consuls, council-members and the entire community of Hersfeld (‘magistris consulum, consulibus totique universitati Hersfeldensi’) – in order to keep Our favor/goodwill – to permit the Abby and the monastery to use and enjoy their fief unhindered if they wish to escape the severest of punishments. […]”
Marburg, StA, Urk. 56, Nr. 377, Orig. (A), lat. Perg.; (“Marburg City Archive, Document 56, No. 377, Orig[inal] (A), Latin, [on] parchment paper”); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 2/24/2018