Feb. 8, 1348

Alcala Ordinance by Alfonso XI.  Title IX, Law II. Regarding Christians not having to pay their debts to Jews after a period of six years [Present-day Spain]: “(…) And therefore we order and establish that (…) if seven years have not passed that the demands of the day that period in which the debt made in compliance with the term had to be paid; and after the plaintiff is not heard; and the debts and the demands that the Jews would have for reasons of contracts made by the Christians, which cannot be sued, nor delivered after six years of the term they were to be paid.”
“The ordinances of Laws that D. Alfonso XI made in the Courts of Alcala de Henares in the year One Thousand Three Hundred and Forty Eight. Published with notes and speech about the state of Jews in Spain,” (El ordenamiento de leyes que D. Alfonso XI hizo en las Cortes de Alcalá de Henares el año de mil trescientos y quarenta y ocho), by doctors. Dr. Ignacio Jordan de Asso Y Del Rio, and Dr. Miguel de Manuel y Rodriguez. Accessed online; Researched and Translated by Cristina Penland 7/28/2019