Mar. 8, 1348

“Jewish Privilege” issued by Carl IV [Present-day Czech Republic]: “[…] Jews are permitted to settle in Neustadt […] however, only those from ‘Altstadt’ and the ‘Judengasse’ (Jewish-Quarters) […] they can also enjoy the 12-year tax-exemption, if they build ‘solid’ houses/buildings (houses built out of stone) […]”
Stein, Abraham (Rabbi in Radnitz): Die Geschichte der Juden in Böhmen: Nach amtlichen gedruckten und ungedruckten Quellen Bearbeitet; (“The History of the Jews of Bohemia: Edited according to Official Printed and Unprinted Sources”); (Brünn; 1904); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 2/1/2018