Dec. 13, 1360

“Writ” of Duke Rudolf IV of Austria [House of Habsburg/Archduchy of Austria; Present-day Austria]: “We, Rudolf, by the grace of God Duke of Austria, to Styria and Corinthia […] vow and profess publicly with this letter to all who see, hear, or read it, that we vow […] – for us and our brother and all of our heir/successors, Archdukes of Austria, to Styria and Corinthia […] – that we will and shall not receive, accept/take in, protect or keep […] Jews who come in from their lands, principalities, domains, and cities wherever they may be located or may be called […] except [when on order of…] our lord/ruler, the emperor and once king of Bohemia and Margrave of Moravia […].”
Korunni Archiv Cesky. Sbirka Statnich Listin Koruny Ceske Z Doby Od R. 1306 Do R. 1378). Podporou “Ceske Akademie Ciscare Frantiska vydal Dr. Hermenegild Jirecek. (Praze; 1896); (Chief Czech Archive. Collection of National Documents of Czech Crowns/Kings from 1306 to 1378. With the Support of the Czech Academy Ciscare Frantiska Josefa, published by Dr. Hermenegild Jirecek.); (Prague; 1896); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 12/17/2018 ADD PAGE #