Apr. 30, 1365

“Order” of Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV addressed to the [City] Council of Basel [Present-day Switzerland; Prince-Bishopric of Basel]: “[Charles IV transfer jurisdiction of Jews in Basel to the city itself and orders them …] to obediently shield/protect Jews – Our chamber-servants, who are presently in Basel or who will be moving there in the future and to tax and to enjoy them/their taxes (‘niessen’) […] and that these Jews shan’t be beholden to anyone [but to them …] until We retract [this given privilege…]”
Basler Zeitschrift für Geschichte und Altertumskunde. Herausgegeben von der Historischen und antiquarischen Gesellschaft zu Basel. Siebenter Band. (Basel magazine/journal for history and antiquity. Published by the Historical and Antiquarian Society of Basel. Seventh volume.); (Basel; 1908); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 6/12/2020