Jan. 6, 1366

“Writ” issued and signed by Field-Judge (‘Feldrichter’) Ruprecht Geresdorfer [Present-day Austria]: “[A lease agreement between various people named and the cloister regarding land to be leased for the purpose of growing grapes/wine and the manner in which payments are to be made and when. The lessees are allowed to sell or transfer their shares] how-ever and to whomever they want, […] except to Jews – such letter/contract transferred/sold to Jews shall have no legal weight/be invalid. […].”
Brugger, Eveline; Birgit Wiede: Regesten zur Geschichte der Juden in Österreich im Mittelalter. Band 3: 1366-1386. Herausgegeben vom Institut für jüdische Geschichte Österreichs. (Regesta regarding the history of Jews in Austria in the Middle Ages. Volume 3: 1366-1386. Published by the Institute for Jewish history in Austria.); (Innsbruck; 2015); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 4/18/2020