Apr. 4, 1383

Jew-Ordinance, issued by the City Council of Nuremberg [Present-day Germany]: “3. What the Jews’ own council agree on by majority, the others shall not contradict, lest they pay a penalty of ten guilders to the City. 4. Nobody shall board a foreign Jew longer than one week, except a student who is here to learn; and whoever keeps a Jew any longer, shall pay a penalty of one guilder per day, as well as the foreign Jew. 8. Also, none of our Jews shall lend any money to a foreign Jew; any Jew proven to have lent money to a foreign Jew shall pay a quarter of the sum to the City. 9. No foreign Jew may lend any money in the City, whether with or without interest. 10. The citizens of the Council also ordain that none of our Jews and Jewesses, here already or yet to arrive, shall pledge allegiance to any other lord or realm, nor become their citizens, unless they have renounced their [Nuremberg] privileges before the Council. Any proven contravention shall incur a fine of one thousand guilders, and the estate of the Jew, all of his property, wealth, and loan claims shall fall to the City.”
Stern, Moritz. Die isrealitische Bevölkerung der deutschen Städte [The Israelite Population of the German Cities]. H. Fiencke: Kiel, 1896. Page 229. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 1/26/2020