May 10, 1383

“Jewish-school (Synagogue)” issued the Mayor and  [City] Council of Zurich [Present-day Switzerland]: “All Jews in our city are to attend the same school […] and henceforth, they are not to separate themselves [into smaller special groups …]. No Jew is to make things difficult for another – at school or on their way to school – or to commit a heinous act, whether in words or in deeds. The [City] Council is to punish those, who do this, harshly.”
Die Zürcher Stadtbücher des XIV. und XV. Jahrhunderts. Auf Veranlassung der Antiquarischen Gesellschaft in Zürich. Herausgegeben mit Geschichtlichen Anmerkungen von H. Zeller-Werdmüller. I. Band. (City-ledger of Zurich for the 14th and 15th Century. [Complied/Printed] At the request of the Antiquarian Society in Zurich. Published with historical annotations by H. Zeller-Werdmüller. Volume I.); (Leipzig; 1899); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 6/18/2020 ADD PAGE #