ca. Jul. 1385

“Jewish Regulations” issued for Coburg by Margrave Katharine and her Sons [Present-day Germany] [Provisional]: “[…] pawnbroking is permitted to Jews except with chasubles, bloody garments, wet hats, and cuirasses/armor/harnesses (‘Harnische’) from the castle in Coburg. Jews who wish to move away from Coburg may do so unhindered, but may not owe any outstanding taxes […]” [Researcher’s note: Margrave is a medieval title of royal, chivalric rank — it was a hereditary title given to nobles who had jurisdiction over a certain domain and whose job it was to oversee and defend a border province during the Holy Roman Empire and/or a kingdom.]
Lämmerhirt, Maike: Juden in den wettinischen Herschaftsgebieten: Recht, Verwaltung und Wirtschaft im Spätmittelalter. Veröffentlichungen der Historischen Kommission für Thüringen; Kleine Reihe Band 21; (Wien/Köln; 2007); (“Jews in the Wettinian Territories/Dominions: Law, Administration, and Economy in the late Middle Ages. Publications of the Historical Commission for Thuringia; Small Series Volume 21; (Vienna/Cologne; 2007)”); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 2/17/2018