Feb. 6, 1386

“Order/Exhortation” of Wenceslaus IV (Wenzel) of Bohemia [Present-day Czech Republic]: “’Wenczlaw’ by the grace of God, Roman Emperor of all time […] and King of Bohemia. Dear faithful ones, we have learnt that the Jews – our chamber-servants – who live in these and other parts of our empire, and [do all sorts of unlawful things] to the detriment/shame of Christians and the Christian faith. It is therefore, our opinion/decision, that they shall go [out] and present themselves in that way, namely in boots and Jewish hats (‘stivallen und in judenhuten’), as was done in old times […] so that one can distinguish a Jew among Christians […]. This we earnestly command you […] with this letter […].”
Urkundenbuch der Stadt Strassburg. Sechster Band. Politische Urkunden von 1381-1400 bearbeitet von Johannes Fritz. (Strassburg; 1899); (Official Documents of the City of Strasbourg. Sixth volume. Political documents from 1381-1400 edited by Johann Fritz. (Strasbourg; 1899); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 11/15/2013 ADD PAGE #