Aug. 1, 1401

“Official Announcement” by Ludwig (Ludewig) and Hans, Dukes of Palatine (“Pfalzgrafen”) [Present-day Germany; Rhineland-Palatinate]: “We, Ludewig and Hans, brothers — and by the grace of God — Earls of the Palatinate of Rhinepfalz near the Rhine and Dukes of Bavaria, vow […] to the […] Roman King, [… Ruprecht] and Our father, not to permit any Jews and Jewesses to settle in any of the castles and the lands of the Palatinate (“Pfalz”) and in the Dukedom […] and especially not to permit Our heirs […] to allow Jews or Jewesses to settle or live in any of Our castles […].”
König Rupercht von der Pfalz in seinen Beziehungen zu den Juden – Ungedruckte Königsurkunden nebst ergänzenden Aktenstücken; Gesammelt und mitgeteilt von Moritz Stern; (Kiel, 1898); p. 4; (“King Ruprecht of the Rhineland-Palatinate in his Relations with the Jews – Unpublished Royal Documents along with supplementary files; Collected and shared by Moritz Stern”); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 5/5/2017