Aug. 31, 1406

Ordinance, passed by the City Council of Nuremberg [Present-day Germany]: “It is hereby ordained by the City Council, that there shall be no Jewish school in Nuremberg, and any Jews who disobey this ordinance shall pay ten guilders for each week of the contravention. Jews who are citizens here may school their children at home, as is their tradition, and may send for their rabbi to assist them with this endeavor.”
Müller, Johannes (Ed.). Vor- und frühreformatorische Schulordnungen und Schulverträge in deutscher und niederländischer Sprache (German and Dutch School Ordinances and Charters Before and During Early Reformation). Raschke: Zschopau (Germany), 1885. Page 270. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 2/3/2020