Dec. 1, 1405

Edict, issued by John II, Archbishop of Mainz [Present-day Germany]: “With regard to those of our citizens who borrowed money from our Jews and still owe an amount to them today, these citizens shall have one fifth of their debt voided. The other four parts shall be paid as follows: one part by St. Jacob’s Day [July 25], one by St. Andrew’s Day [November 30], and the other two by Christmas Day of next year. The local authorities shall assist the Jews in obtaining any payments still outstanding after next Christmas, as long as no interest on the remaining debt is claimed.”
Schaab, Carl Anton. Diplomatische Geschichte der Juden zu Mainz und dessen Umgebung, mit Berücksichtigung ihres Rechtszustandes in den verschiedenen Epochen (Diplomatic History of the Jews in Mainz and its surroundings, under consideration of their legal situation across the various epochs). Zabern: Mainz, 1855. Page 110. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 8/6/2020