May 18, 1418

“Decree of Forli” issued by the Police [Italy]: “in order also to humble our hearts, to walk modestly before our God, and not to show off in the presence of the gentiles […] no male or female Jew of the above-recorded Jewish communities, towns, or villages shall be so arrogant as to wear a fur-lined jacket, unless, of course, it is black. Also the sleeves must not be open, nor be lined with silk, for that would be arrogant. However, fur-lined jackets other than black still be worn, provided that the sleeves and the garments themselves are closed at the sides and the back. Thus the expensive lining will not be seen and not excite envy.”
Rader Marcus, Jacob and Marc Saperstein: The Jews in Christian Europe. (2015); Researched by Ziba Shadjaani 11/11/2016 ADD PAGE #