Jun. 6, 1415

Privilege, issued by Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Germany [Present-day Germany]: “Art. 13 – For the mercies and the freedoms that We have bestowed on the Jews, they shall be indebted to Us and to Our successors; therefore We have resolved, in the completeness of Roman, royal power, that any and all Jews and Jewesses who have their own business, shall give to Us and pay, annually, a tenth of the worth of their goods, with the exception of their personal and household items, to be paid in two installments, on the days of St. Walpurga [May 1] and Michaelmas [September 29].”
Altmann, Wilhelm & Bernheim, Ernst. Ausgewählte Urkunden zur Erläuterung der Verfassungsgeschichte Deutschlands im Mittelalter (Selected Documents to Illustrate the Constitutional History of Germany During the Middle Ages). Gaertner: Berlin, 1895. Page 164. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 8/18/2020