Apr. 25, 1444

“Jewish Freedom/Privilege” (‘Juden Freyheit’) issued by Bishop Gottfried IV [Bishopric of Würzburg; Present-day Germany]: “We, Gottfried (‘Gotfried’), Bishop of Würzburg (‘Wirtzburg’) by the grace of God, vow and announce with this letter […*]. However, they (Jews) shall lend one Gulden in exchange for [no more than] 3 Heller a week and one Heller in exchange for [no more than] one Pound of Würzburg currency from native citizen (‘jngesessen burger vnd burgerin vnd sunst geystlichen vnd werntlichen zu Wirtzburg’) […] and to outsiders/foreigners they may lend [only] after they have come to an agreement with each other; […] if anyone (Jew) takes more (higher) (‘mere”) interests and is found out and convicted by two reputable Christian and two reputable Jewish witnesses – who may not be [his] enemy – he’s to give it back […]” [Researcher’s note: While Bishop Gottfried IV takes the Jewry under his protection and affords them various privileges with this decree, he also limits the amount of interests Jews may charge locals on loans and/or pledges.]
Die Juden in Franken. Ein unpartheiischer Beitrag zur Sitten- und Rechtsgeschichte Frankens von Dr. Ludwig Heffner, praktischer Arzt zu Würzburg, Konservater des historischen Vereins daselbst. Mit 29 Urkunden-Beilagen (Nürnberg; 1855); (Jews in Frankonia. An Non-Partisan Contribution Regarding the Moral and Legal History of Franconia by Dr. med. Ludwig Heffner, practical physician to Würzburg, Conservator of the Historical Association there (of the same city). With 29 [Official] Documents Attached.); (Nuremberg; 1855); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 3/9/2018