Jan. 27, 1449

Ordinance issued by the City Council of Toledo [Spain]: “We, Pedro Sarmiento, head repostero…of our lord the king…citizens and common people of the said city of Toledo, proclaim and declare that, in as much as it is well known through civil and canon law that conversos… of Jewish lineage, being suspect in the faith of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, frequently belittle it by judaizing, they shall not be allowed to hold office or benefices public or private through which they might cause harm, aggravation, or bad treatment to good old Christians… nor shall they be able to act as witnesses against them….Therefore we find that we ought to declare and do declare that all the said conversos descended from the perverse line of the Jews, in whatever situation they may be… be held as incapable and unworthy to hold public or private office in the said city of Toledo and in its lands, by means of which they would be able to hold lordship over Old Christians believing in the holy Catholic faith of Our Lord Jesus Christ and cause damage, injury, and to be incapable and unworthy of giving testimony and faith as public notaries or as witnesses…”
“Sentencia-Estatuto de Toledo, 1449.” Kenneth Baxter Wolf. 2008, Accessed online article 5/10/2012