Mar. 20, 1451

Official Document of a Papal Legal Representative [Present-day Germany]: “[…] just as it had been ruled in previous years*, we want to free the Christians of the blasphemous Jews […] and wish to eliminate all the Jews from these [our] domains […]”[Researcher’s note: This appropriation of the papal legal representative was addressed to the various monasteries, churches, and chapels and *referred to the 1442 expulsion order of Duke Albrecht III.]
Zaunmüller, Karl-Heinz: Nikolaus von Cues und die Juden. Zur Stellung der Juden in der christlichen Gesellschaft um die Mitte des 15. Jahrhunderts in den deutschen Landen. (“Nicholas of Kues/Nicolaus Cusanus and the Jews. Regarding the Position of Jews in Christian Society Around the Middle of the 15th Century in German Lands.”); (Trier; 2005); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 1/30/2018 ADD PAGE #