Jul. 27, 1454

“Order of Expulsion for Jews (Brünn)” issued by King Ladislaus the Posthumous [Kingdom of Bohemia; Present-day Czech Republic]: “[…] In order to remedy the ruin and burden our dear and faithful Christians, the citizens and community of Brünn, […] in order that they should not be befallen by great poverty and harm, we have deliberated and accepted council […] and have graciously decided […] as King of Bavaria and Margrave of Moravia […] to completely unload/discharge […] the Jews of Brünn […] with the power of this letter and by Bohemian, Royal authority in such matters, that all Jews and Jewesses, young and old, with no exception, shall move away from Brünn with their possessions between now and the upcoming Saint Martin’s Day without delay.  […] The Christens shall repay any debts they owe to […] Jews […] so that we are free of any monetary debt we owe to them. We have bestowed upon our citizens of Brünn further grace. Namely, we have turned over all Jewish houses, their synagogue, and cemetery completely over to them to be occupied by Christians and to not allow Jews to return to them, and they should trade or do with these houses according to their and the cities needs […] however, in such a way that these our citizens of Brünn should pay us and our heirs the same interests and rents which the […] Jews of our chamber have given us annually, which is sixty Schock Groschen (currency) of familiar and common coins in our land Moravia […].”
Juden in Mähren – Judengemeinden in Südmähren. Zusammengetragen und verfasst von Gerhard Hanak (“Jews in Moravia – Jewish Communities in Southern Moravia. Compiled and written/drawn up by Gerhard Hanak”); http://www.europas-mitte.de/JiM-web.htm#Toleranzpatent; Accessed online 2/4/2018; Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 2/4/2018