Mar. 16, 1457

Edict, issued by Theodoric Schenk von Erbach, Archbishop of Mainz, for the City of Frankfurt [Present-day Germany]: “Whereas the Jews, whose own guilt has condemned them to eternal servitude, enjoy a benevolent tolerance by rulers and Christians, yet, like evil specters, reward this benevolence with ingratitude, just like they are strangers to the faith, they shall also be different in their appearance, and therefore, the men shall be distinguishable from Christians by rings of cloth on their coats, and the women by bands of cloth on their garments.”
Schaab, Carl Anton. Diplomatische Geschichte der Juden zu Mainz und dessen Umgebung, mit Berücksichtigung ihres Rechtszustandes in den verschiedenen Epochen (Diplomatic History of the Jews in Mainz and its surroundings, under consideration of their legal situation across the various epochs). Zabern: Mainz, 1855. Page 120. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 8/6/2020