Sept. 12, 1458

Order, issued by the City Council of Nuremberg [Present-day Germany]: “The Jewish Council of Elders are [hereby] notified, that they, as well as any Jews yet to arrive here, shall wear neither a biretta nor a hat, but a kippah, as is appropriate for them, or that they wear rings, so that they may be distinguished [from Christians].” [Researcher’s note: Here, to “wear rings” refers to palm-sized rings made of yellow cloth, which were to be sewn onto the breast of Jews’ outer garments.]
Stern, Moritz. Die isrealitische Bevölkerung der deutschen Städte [The Israelite Population of the German Cities]. H. Fiencke: Kiel, 1896. Page 298. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 1/27/2020