ca. 1468

[Possible/Probable] Decree issued by Bishop Mathias [Present-day Germany] 

Commentary from other sources:
1) “…in the years 1464-78, under Bishop Mathias, the Jews of Landau were required to make an annual payment of 120 pounds heller for the right of retaining their ghetto. The same bishop ordered all the Jews of his diocese to submit to baptism, and upon their refusal to comply he issued (Oct. 21, 1468) a decree containing, among others, the following provisions: All male Jews over five years old were required to wear on their breasts, as a distinctive badge, a piece of yellow cloth in the shape of a wheel; all Jewesses of similar age, two blue stripes on their veils. Jews might take no part in public gatherings or entertainments; they might keep no Christian servants; nor might they have schools or synagogues of their own. They might not occupy dwellings in various portions of the city, but should live close together; on high Christian festivals they were not to appear upon the streets; and they were forbidden to engage in monetary transactions. Any person violating these rules was to be summoned before the bishop at Udenheim.”

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