Jan. 29, 1482

Papal Bull “Numquam dubitavimus” (“Never Doubt”) issued and addressed to King Ferdinand II of Aragon and Sicily by Pope Sixtus IV [Papal States; Present-day Italy, Spain]: “Never doubt that […] the assignments of the Inquisitors against heresy has helped us in other kingdoms such as Castile and Leon, […] and that the work of those who have professed their faith in Christ and have no fear of the Jews’ religion of superstition […] keep the precepts of the law, and introduce the way of the truth […] and with the deputation of such an edict, we order that the same campaign to be done through edicts in your name […] and we urge that you allow the Inquisitors to carryout such ordinaries to safeguard the Catholic faith, as it is seeming for a king, […] and with the support of the priests, to attain the merits of God and be recommended. Signed in Rome, at Saint Peter’s under the ring of the Fisherman on 29, January 1482, Pontificate, Our 11th year.”
Boletín de la Real Academia de la Historia – Real Academia de la Historia (Spain), (“Bulletin of the Royal Academy of History”) Volume XV; Letters 1-3; (Madrid; 1889); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 1/18/2017