Aug. 2, 1483

Papal Bull “Ad Perpetuam Rei memoriam” (“For Perpetual Memory”) issued by Pope Sixtus IV [Papal States; Present-day Italy, France, Spain]: “[…] above all, the decrees of the laws of the Church are to be observed […] [and] the unbelief of the Jews in such matters which has increased followers to various errors against the Catholic faith […] are to be put an end to […] and the followers of the superstitious religion of the Jews […] [are a] stain of heretical wickedness considered unclean by the investigators [Inquisitioners] of apostolic authority […] and any brethren [of the Cardinal] who started the process without [this] jurisdiction of power – which is valid and proper – must join them in the continuation of prosecution of heresy against all such persons, according to this command […] and the execution of all and each of such institutions which belong to those heretical depravities […] in whatever way [necessary] […] and there shall be expedient penalties – including with any other decree we have ordained.”
Bibliteca Virtual – Miguel de Cervantes: Nuevas fuentes para escribir la historia de los judíos españoles. (“New Sources to Write the History of the Spanish Jews.”); Accessed online; Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 1/20/2017 ADD PAGE #