May 31, 1484

Papal Bull of Sixtus IV [Papal States; Present-day Italy, France, Spain]: “[…] the followers of heretical wickedness and rites of the Jews and the Jewish religion are not to return to observe the precepts of the fields of dogma and superstition and of unbelief and to turn [recede] from the true faith of orthodoxy [or else] face censures and penalties; […] up to now, they [Jews] have not been afraid, […] and continue in their blindness – but not only they, but also those who are born of them – [and] their treachery infects others with the same ideas […]. This is why we did supplicate humbly to eradicate the roots of such pernicious sect […] for the salvation of the souls of the faithful who live among them.”
Bibliteca Virtual – Miguel de Cervantes: Nuevas fuentes para escribir la historia de los judíos españoles. (“New Sources to Write the History of the Spanish Jews.”); Accessed online; Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 2/13/2017