Aug. 20, 1515

“Ordinance” issued in the County of Nassau* [County of Nassau; Present-day Germany]: “No one [is] to have contact or trade with Jews or face large fines; furthermore, no Jew [is] to settle outside of the territory of the earl (‘Grafschaft’) and enter the city with that intention and receive [automatically] escort/protection (‘Geleite haben’).” [Researcher’s note: The above translation is of a German summary of the original text. *The County of Nassau was an independent state within the Holy Roman Empire.]
Weisthum der Gesetze, Ordnungen und Vorschriften welche in die Nassauische Teutsche Länder, Ottoischer Linie, von den ältesten Zeiten bis hierhin ergangen sind.  Ausgestellt nach der Zeit und Buchstabenfolge. Zweiter Teil. (“Collection of laws, ordinances, and regulations which were issued in Nassaunian-German Lands in the lineage of Otto from times past up until now.”) (Hadamar; 1803); Seal of the Law Library of Munich; Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 11/18/2013