Mar. 29, 1516

Decree enacted by the Council of Ten (Consejo de i Diexe) of the Republic of Venice [Present-day Italy]: “The Jews must all live together in the Corte de Case, which is in [the island of] Geto, near San Hironimo; and in order to prevent their roaming at night, let there be built two gates on the side of Geto Vecchio, where there is a little bridge and likewise on the other side of the bridge […], which gates shall be opened in the morning at the sound of the Marangona [the bell of St. Mark’s Cathedral] and shall be closed at midnight by four Christian guards appointed and paid by the Jews at the rate deemed suitable by Our Cabinet.”
Sanuto, Marino. I diarii di Marino Sanuto (MCCCCXCVI-MDXXXIII) (The “Diaries” of Marino Sanuto (1496-1533)), Vol. 22. Venice, Italy: Fratelli Visentini, 1888. Cols.85ff. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 10/21/2019