ca. 1528 C.E.

[Possible/Probable] “Jewish Ordinance” issued by Ferdinand I [Present-day Austria] [Provisional]: “Ordinance as to how to henceforth deal with local and resident Jews who are the royal property (‘Kammergut’) […], as well as all foreign Jews who come to Vienna from other places; […] all foreign Jews, who stay in the city of Vienna or its suburbs for more than one night, are to immediately – or the latest in the morning of the next day – report to the authorities who are to issue them a permit (‘Aufenthaltsschein’); furthermore, all Jews are required to wear their badge uncovered and unconcealed on the front of their clothing […] und under no pretext – lest they wish to be punished severely – engage in the city of Vienna or its suburbs in any kind of trade, business or exchange, […] so that any complaints and burden which are the results of the[ir] trading, business and usury practices and similar secret dealings of the aforementioned Jews that befall the common man and the city of Vienna […] are prevented. […]”
Engelman, Wilhelm: Das Judentum in Oesterrich und die böhmischen Unruhen (“The Jewry in Austria and the bohemian Unrest”); (Leipzig; 1845); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani, 9/21/2017