Aug. 1, 1531

“Dress Code for Jews” decree issued by Emperor Ferdinand I [Austria]: “[…] Hence, we order that there be observed a distinction between Christians and Jews in clothing and costume and, as is done in numerous countries, the Jews be marked and recognized by a certain sign […]. Thus we decree and order […] that all Jews, settled in our hereditary principalities and lands or now and then sojourning in them on business, shall begin within one month from the publication of this our general decree to use and wear publicly an uncovered sign, by which they are to be distinguished and recognizable from Christians: namely on the outer coat or dress over the left breast a yellow ring, circumference and diameter of the circle as herein prescribed and not narrower nor smaller, made of yellow cloth (notwithstanding any previous enactments or exemptions which are hereby revoked).”
Global Jewish Advocacy: Anti-Semitism: An Assault on Human Rights, Researched by Ziba Shadjaani 11/30/2016