Jul. 14, 1555

Papal bull “Cum Nimis Absurdum” issued by Pope Paul IV [Present-day Italy]: “(1)…We ordain that for the rest of time…all Jews are to live in one…they should reside entirely side by side in designated streets and be thoroughly separate from the residences of Christians…(2)…they will have only one synagogue…and they will construct no other new ones, nor can they own buildings…they must sell to Christians within a period of time…(3)…Men must wear a hat, women, indeed, some other evident sign, yellow in color, that must not be concealed or covered by any means, and must be tightly affixed…(4) Also, they may not have nurses or maids or any other Christian domestic or service by Christian women in wet-nursing or feeding their children. (5) They may not work or have work done on Sundays or on other public feast days declared by the Church.(6) Nor may they incriminate Christians in any way, or promulgate false or forged agreements. (7) And they may not presume in any way to play, eat or fraternize with Christians. (8) And they cannot use other than Latin or Italian words in short-term account books…(9)…they cannot trade in grain, barley or any other commodity essential to human welfare. (10) And those among them, who are physicians, even if summoned and inquired after, cannot attend or take part in the care of Christians. (11) And they are not to be addressed as superiors [even] by poor Christians. (14) And, should they, in any manner whatsoever, be deficient in the foregoing, it would be treated as a crime.”
“Bull Cum Nimis Absurdum.” Ami Isseroff. March, 2009. Accessed online article 7/25/2011