Aug. 8, 1555

“Papal Bull” issued by Pope Paul IV [Papal States; Present-day Italy]: “Since it is absurd and improper that Jews – whose own guilt has consigned them to perpetual servitude – under the pretext that Christian piety receives them and tolerates their presence, should be ingrates to Christians, so that they attempt to exchange the servitude they owe to Christians for domination over them.” […] “It has lately come to our notice that these Jews, in our dear City and in some other cities, lands, and places of the Holy Roman Church, have erupted into insolence: they presume not only to dwell side by side with Christians and near the churches, with no distinct habit to separate them, but even to erect homes in the more noble sections and streets of the cities, lands, and places where they dwell, and to buy and possess fixed property, where they dwell, and to have nurses, housemaids, and other hired Christian servants and to perpetrate many other things in ignominy and contempt of the Christian name …. We sanction … that all Jews should live solely in one and the same location.” [Researchers’ note: These “locations” would come to be known as ghettos.]
Catholic-Jewish Relations throughout History; Biblical Times; Accessed online; Researched by Ziba Shadjaani 2/1/2017